One Done Bunny

I finished my freehand stitching of the bunny.  It came out ok. And I mean just ok. I was tempted to restitch but the Peanut liked it the way it came out. 

Here you can see I added a pom-pom that I found lying in the craft drawer to give it some dimension.

Maybe I should have not left so much white space.

 I stitched the felt first and then sewed the felt to the fleece.  I thought about a blanket stitch. Didn't do one though.

I think next time I should plan ahead!

I have stitched felt to fleece before and didn't run into any problems.  This time however I noticed the fleece fuzz coming up through the stitches.  I don't know if there was anything I could have done to prevent that. It isn't noticeable at a distance but up close I can see it and it bugs me.  Maybe I need a less nappy fleece.