Spring Stitching In Progress

It's nearly spring right? RIGHT? This has been the snowiest winter I've had since I left New York. That includes my year in Wisconsin! So much for man-made global warming.

In the spirit of spring and my Peanut's birthday I'm working on a little project for her.  I have tons of fleece that I don't know what to do with.  (From the epic fail that was "let's make baby items for Etsy!" and the death knell of that idea which was something called CPSIA)  I also have some felt laying around which I've been making into those little needle books. (I wrote about those in Felt Frenzy).  So I thought that I could combine these things together and make a kitschy little wall hanging for the Peanut.

She is way into the animal kingdom and her stuffed animal collection is approaching Guinness Book numbers. The one thing she doesn't have is a rabbit. At least I don't think she does.  In order to confirm I'd have to don a pith helmet and wield a machete. For safety sake I'm just gonna assume. ;)

Here's a sneak peek. The tree design is from Aimee Ray's Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection which I highly recommend.

Bunnies and spring are synonymous, no?

Transferring to felt has been an issue with me in the past. Hell, transferring anything has been an issue. I still don't own a transfer pen.  What I did was print out the design, trace it onto tracing paper and then I pinned that paper right to the felt.  After the stitching is finished I use my tweezers to remove all the excess tracing paper. Most of it is easy to remove. However, just when you think you've gotten it all....

you realize you haven't.

Thank goodness for digital camera's and their amazing resolution that lets me see things like that nearly imperceptible bit of tracing paper.

I haven't any other planned stitching for this bunny. I'm going to just go to town freehand style and hope for the best.  What's the worst that could happen?